DESIGNER – COACH – FACILITATOR – Gérard Réus offers accompanying services and opportunities to learn, develop new skills and create social links. These services are aimed at companies, brands, and destinations willing to develop their human and relational capital and create a Learning Culture within an organization.
Experience Design.

We design innovative experiences in order to create social links and moments to enhance skills through real-life scenarios.

Agile Coaching.

We accompany all the stakeholders engaged in an agile transformation.

Learning & Development.

Our mission: developing and optimizing L&D strategy, designing and deploying bespoke programs, assessing their impact.

Experience Design.

We imagine innovative and attractive experiences to generate change, social links, and moments ensuring skills development.

Designing Learning Experiences (LXD) – User-centered and goal-oriented experiences enable deep engagement with the targeted learning audience. The LXD methodical approach integrates different sciences and techniques: cognitive science, design thinking, UX design, content creation and curation, learning technologies, and data analysis. We use LX Canvas: a powerful collaborative tool developed to design the best learning experiences.

Creating Innovative Events – With event design methodologies, we can collectively and visually imagine meaningful events. We use MAP (Meeting Architecture Process), an operational methodology centered on objectives, architecture, execution, and ROI, and #EventCanvas, a methodology focused on “Event Design Thinking” and approved by the MPI Academy (Meeting Professionals International).

Developing digital strategies – Building strategies dedicated to digital and hybrid experiences is an expertise that organizations frequently need and even more so since the early start of the pandemic crisis due to Covid-19. Monetizing these experiences with new pricing and sponsorship strategies has become essential, as well as being proficient in evaluating and choosing the most suitable technological solutions.

Agile Coaching.

We accompany organizations in their agile transformation. We operate at multiple levels within the organization: company-wise, managerial, established teams, and individual.

Transforming companies into learning organizations – We support organizations by setting up a Learning Culture and an environment that promotes new ways of thinking, liberates collective aspiration, allows individuals to constantly develop their capacity to produce the results they want, and inspire them to learn continuously and collectively.

Making the management of individuals adaptable – While agile methods enhance the effectiveness of teams, in particular by allowing them to better adapt to the changing needs of clients, their management must be recognized with particular attention. The ability to support change and communication, the development and consideration of individuals, or even conflict management are necessary skills for any agile manager. We apply the principles of Management 3.0 for managers and Agile in HR for human resources professionals.

Upskilling and supporting agile teams – An agile team is a team where everyone participates and is involved in the responsibilities entrusted to them. Team members think about why they act in a certain way and find for themselves the processes that are most relevant to their work. We help companies build their agile teams and develop their agility skills. Depending on the situation, we can adopt a posture of coach, facilitator, mentor, or trainer.

Making individuals find out adaptability – We work on the individual’s way of being and on the analysis of the professional situation. We act as a coach-facilitator in becoming aware of its limitations, obstacles and difficulties repeatedly. Finally, we support them in the discovery of their levers of action to come up with agility.

Learning & Development.

We offer consultancy services to companies in the development and optimization of L&D strategies.

Attracting and retaining talent – Traditionally, learning focused solely on improving productivity. Today, learning also contributes to employability. Employees are now in charge of their personal and professional growth and development—one reason for people to list “opportunities for learning and skill development” among the top criteria for joining an organization.

Developing people capabilities – Human capital requires ongoing investments in L&D to retain its value. When knowledge becomes outdated or forgotten, the value of human capital declines and needs to be supplemented with new learning and relevant work experiences. Companies that make investments in employee development are more likely to hit their performance targets.

Creating a values-based culture – L&D can help to build a values-based culture and a sense of community. Generation Y is particularly interested in working for a value-based, sustainability-oriented firm that contributes to the welfare of society.

Building an employer brand – An organization’s brand contributes significantly to the company’s success in the market, position in the industry, and products & services. Investments in L&D can help to promote a company’s brand and boost its reputation as an “employer of choice”.

Motivating and engaging employees – The most important way to engage employees is to provide them opportunities to learn and develop new proficiencies. When highly engaged employees are challenged and given the skills to grow and develop across their chosen career path, they are more likely to be energized by new opportunities at work and overall more fulfilled.

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